Key Visual für Visual und Conceptual Design

Visual & Concept Design

Alles von Corporate Designs und Logos über Grafiken bis hin zu Illustrationen und Co.

Corporate designs

The corporate design is a brand compendium for companies. It contains important branding details and provides instructions for individual marketing measures.


The style guide is the slimmed-down version of a detailed corporate design. It contains the essential cornerstones such as logo, typography and colors.


No company goes without a logo, so a good logo is worth a lot. A design relaunch of existing logos is also worthwhile so that a contemporary style is retained.

Illustrations & graphics

Custom materials not only highlight good branding strategies, they can also be created specifically for needed purposes, such as campaigns or explanation videos.


Data has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. Therefore, infographics are an almost indispensable resource for conveying essential information in an uncomplicated way.

3D visuals

3D representations are true all-rounders. They are used, for example, for classic mockups and augmented reality applications, but are also suitable for print projects.


When ideas are just emerging or concepts need to be worked out before they can be implemented, workshops are the perfect tool for this! Even small workshops are effective without everyone involved having to block many valuable hours for them.