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I'm Lea Töws, freelance designer for digital & analogue projects.

Many of my customers describe me as a design hybrid: Healthy pragmatism with a suitable portion of attention to detail. I approach concepts and ideas holistically. In my daily work, I combine creativity with interdisciplinary know-how.

My three areas of skills are based in:

Visual & concept design

Digital design

Print design

Selected examples from my creative portfolio:

Happy customer testimonials:

As a hybrid designer for creative solutions, I work according to three values:

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Constructive: No blah blah, but well-founded expertise for professional design as a solid base station.

To be honest, the market for creative people and freelancers sometimes seems as big as the universe itself. I don't like characterless design, so I rather combine my creative disciplines with real quality. Whether in the analog or digital world - or both in combination. I will make you a suitable offer for your project and budget.

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Authentic: With a sense of style and know-how.

It is important to me to not only understand your needs at project level, but also holistically as an element of the big picture. You just want a stable base station? Or would you rather start a whole mission? No problem, we find common communication in every step of the creative process. You determine the right level of detail.

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Sustainable: Let's find the right technique to discover problems.

From the first offer to project management, I am at your side with the right advice. I attach great importance to a common consensus and do not shy away from naming problems in order to then tackle them in a targeted manner. Mutual transparency makes every project even more efficient and qualitative. Whether design projects or individual workshops, you get exactly what you need.

How can I help you?

No matter what phase you are in right now, let's talk about it! Simply use the contact form below or arrange a short introductory appointment (approx. 30 minutes). Of course without obligation and free of charge.

A little excursion into astronomy

Der Kleine Löwe (lat. „Leo Minor“) ist ein Sternbild des Nordhimmels.

Obwohl das Sternbild des „Leo Minor“ eine relativ kleine Sternen-Konstellation ist, beansprucht es im großen Kosmos eine repräsentative Position zwischen den dem großen Bären (lat. „Ursa Major“) und des großen Löwen (lat. „Leo“).

Als Freelancerin im großen Design-Kosmos bin ich flexibler als große Agenturen – ohne dabei Abstriche in Sachen Qualität machen zu müssen. Kleine Freelancer braucht es daher ebenso wie große Kreativ-Firmen. Inspiriert vom Workflow der Astronomie-Forschung, verbinde ich zwei wesentliche Konzepte miteinander: Den Drang immer wieder Neues zu erforschen und interdisziplinäres Wissen auf verschiedene Cases anzuwenden.

Illustration des Sternenbilds Leo Minor

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