Key Visual für Print Design

Print design

Not yesterday's news: Correctly used print with a suitable layout, sufficient grid and proper printing.

Brochures & magazines

Nowadays there is a lot of information to read on screens. Nevertheless, brochures and magazines remain a real must-have, especially at (trade) fairs and personal meetings.


All important information briefly and practically summarized? Flyers are the perfect medium for this! A well-made flyer proves itself and makes a lasting impression.


Packaging is part of modern branding strategies. When the digital user experience ends, the analogue experience is just beginning! Or to put it another way: who doesn't enjoy unpacking fancy packages?


From give-aways to beer coasters – merchandise items have not lost their importance as a marketing measure to this day. And with the most modern printing techniques, almost anything can be printed, not just shirts and pens!

Individual prints

It doesn't matter whether it's individualized business cards or large-walled exhibition stands, there are no limits to printed matter. If you have any questions about the various printing processes, I am also happy to help you here.

Design Workshops kreativ Beratung


When ideas are just emerging or concepts need to be worked out before they can be implemented, workshops are the perfect tool for this! Even small workshops are effective without everyone involved having to block many valuable hours for them.